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EnerPHit (Certified low-energy refurbishment)

EnerPHit - Certified low-energy refurbishment

Owners or purchasers of existing buildings have the advantage of more relaxed criteria for Passive House certification than new-build, the EnerPHit standard. Applying the principles of Passive House construction to an existing building is an exciting prospect, which can take a poor quality building and transform it into one of the world’s most high-performance buildings. This is also a more sustainable approach to construction, as it does not involve construction on a green-field site.

The existing building is modelled using the PHPP to analyse its current performance. This allows all the changes required to achieve the EnerPHit standard to be compared to determine the most cost-effective means of retrofitting the building, and determining the payback period of each measure. This means huge savings in construction costs can be made, while delivering on the same performance target.

We offer a full turn-key solution comprising;

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction-stage consultancy & management
  • EnerPHit Certification management

For more information on EnerPHit criteria, click here.

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