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Passive House Certification management

Why go through the process of certifying your Passive House? There are hundreds of thousands of houses that have been designed using passive design principles, with various brand-names and labels attached. However, the Passive House Certification is the world’s leading independent and verifiable design and build methodology. The certification process acts as a proven quality assurance tool that ensures that your building will perform according to its design. Using passive design principles in isolation cannot ensure that a building will perform to the passive house standard. Your Passive House certificate will ensure you and future purchasers of your building that the building meets the stringent requirements of the Passive House standard.

We are experienced in bringing buildings through the Passive House Certification process from design-stage assurance through to the issuing of the certificate. This process is very administrative and requires a high level of attention to detail. We can handle this process on your behalf, collecting all relevant information relating to your project from product manufacturers and installers and communicating all this to the passive house certifier. We can provide you with design-stage certification assurance, giving you the confidence to proceed with your certified passive house project.

Certified Passive House Designer


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