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Thermal Bridging Analysis

We offer the following building fabric analysis services:

  • 1d heat flow analysis (U value) using finite element analysis software (ISO 6946 & ISO 13370
  • 2d heat flow analysis to determine linear thermal bridge coefficients (ISO 10211) for DEAP and PHPP.
  • 3d heat flow analysis to determine point thermal bridge values (ISO 10211)
  • 2d & 3d surface condensation risk analysis and temperature calculations
  • Interstitial condensation risk analysis

We offer a full thermal bridging analysis service in order to ensure correct detailing of all junctions in the building, regardless of your construction type. We produce a linear thermal bridge co-efficient (Psi-value), point thermal bridge value where necessary (Chi) and determine the condensation risk factor (Frsi) for the junction in accordance with ISO10211.

We can produce a catalogue of thermal bridges for your building to ensure compliance with and surpass the Irish Building Regulations (Part L), achieving a y-value of 0.08W/m2K or less.

In addition, we can provide a Passive House Thermal Bridging Catalogue to ensure compliance with the Passive House standard of 0.01W/mK linear thermal bridge factors.

Individual building junctions can also be modelled to reduce heat flow and increase surface temperatures.

Thermal Bridging Analysis - Hip Roof
Thermal Bridging Analysis - 2D Eaves
Thermal Bridging Analysis - Cant Balcony
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